§ 40-11-150 is amended to allow the court to order any defendant who is arrested for stalking, aggravated stalking, or especially aggravated stalking or violation of a protection order in which the alleged victim is a victim of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking to wear or carry a global positioning device and, if able, to pay the costs of that device and the costs of an electronic receptor provided to the victim. Before imposing the monitoring system, the court must consult with the alleged victim about areas which he/she would like the defendant excluded, about the risks and limitations of the technology, and about the victim’s right to accept or refuse the receptor device. The court must also provide the victim with the name and telephone number of an appropriate employee at a local law enforcement agency who the victim can contact if the defendant violates the bond conditions. (2011)

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GPS monitoring option available for domestic violence offenders

October 7, 2014 Memphis City Council’s Public Safety Committee approved a Department of Justice grant to help stop domestic violence against women Tuesday.

The police department will receive $900,000 if the full council approves the money. The funds would go toward things like advocates at rape crisis center and GPS monitoring for offenders.
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