§ 99-5-38 is enacted to allow the court to order a defendant charged with a domestic violence offense to, as a condition of release or bond:

  • stay away from locations described by the alleged victim in the bond, including the victim’s residence, school, place of employment, etc.;
  • carry/wear a global positioning device and pay the costs associated with operating that system; and
  • pay the costs associated with providing the victim with an electronic receptor device that will indicate to the victim where the defendant is located.

The statute clarifies that, prior to imposing the electronic receptor, the victim will be given information about the limits of the technology involved, the option not to participate, and instructions for what to do if the defendant violates conditions of the bond, including contact information for a specific law enforcement officer (2011) http://www.ncjfcj.org/sites/default/files/legislative_update_17.pdf